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Gold Coast Skirmish

Laser Skirmish

For those on a family or group holiday, try something adventurous whilst staying on the Gold Coast. Aside from the popular scenic tours, theme parks and beach-side activities, visitors can try out laser skirmish or paintball for an amazing outdoor experience at any of the skirmish venues.

This activity is often enjoyed by groups and corporates from the Gold Coast and around the surrounding areas. Experience a fun outdoor activity and spend an entire day full of excitement and adventure.

Gold Coast Outdoor & Indoor Laser Skirmish

Skirmish is known for its fun and safe game play. Being that it is laser-based, you won’t end up with bruising all over you body – like you do with paintball.

With two teams armed with laser skirmish guns, players wage war against their opponents. Players will be given instructions on how to use the guns and teams can work together to devise a strategy to beat the opposing team.

For those skeptical about laser guns will be happy to know that the game is completely safe and you won’t get hit by anything solid, as in paintball. Just slip in to your outfit and enjoy playing this action-packed game at any of the skirmish venues around the Gold Coast.

No matter what your age, enjoy this amazing game and obtain victory over your opposing team.

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