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Caravan Parks
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Caravan Parks

When it comes to accommodation choices on the Gold Coast, you’ll be amazed by the variety of options that the city offers. With many choices of hotels, resorts, motels and various backpacker hostels, the Gold Coast successfully caters to the needs of every guest by offering something suitable to their tastes and budget.

On your next vacation, why don’t you try something different and choose one of the Gold Coast’s caravan parks?

Cheap Gold Coast Holiday Parks in QLD

Nestled nearby to many picturesque locations, caravan parks boast a tranquil setting perfect for families, couples and singles alike. Choose a place that matches your taste and stay at a quaint or luxurious condo, bungalow or cabin at any of the caravan parks.

Each of the Gold Coast caravan parks is well-equipped with many amenities and activity options to keep guests amused. Some of the holiday parks also include small water parks and pools, amusement centres, camping spots, kid’s playgrounds and so much more.

Such accommodation options are also a cheap alternative to the regular hotel or resort accommodation options you may be used to. While you experience staying in a different environment, you’ll also save big on the overall cost of accommodation.

Guests will find an array of options; such as units, caravans, tent camping and deluxe rooms. Browse through a variety of accommodation choices and find one that best suits your needs.

Some of the caravan parks are also located near the stunning hinterland and the hill ranges – providing easy access to all the nearby attractions and scenic points.

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