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Coomera Falls
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Coomera Falls

Coomera Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in the Lamington National Park which descends 64 metres into the Coomera Gorge.

Coomera Falls is a segmented waterfall found on the upper side of river Coomera. In order to access the falls, you will need to pass through graded walking tracks which begin from Binna Burra.

Coomera Falls Walk Circuit & Map, Lamington National Park

There are also two other falls located near Coomera Falls, which are Neerigomindalala Falls and Bahnamboola Falls. Here, you will find the popular Coomera Circuit which was rated as the 2nd best day walk in the country.

The Coomera Circuit is a 17.5km walking track (return) which provides a good view of the Coomera Falls. This walk will take most walkers about 7 hours to complete.

The Coomera Circuit is a long walk, but there are a number of lookouts and rest stops on the way. You will also be treated to amazing views of deep gorges, valleys and tree canopies. There are some river crossings which involve crossing over rocks which can be hazardous after rain. So proper walking shoes with grip are advised.

If you are looking for a shorter walk, you could hike to the Coomera Falls and back to Binna Burra rather than doing the entire circuit. This walk is only about 7-8kms which will take you through the dense rainforest and the track is quite flat and easy. It is a well-worn track which makes it very easy to stay on course.

Take your own water through this walking track as there are no places to purchase drinks.

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National Park: 24 hours a day.
Information centres are open during the weekends pending availability of volunteers.
Green Mountains Park Office: Monday to Friday - 8am to 3.30 pm (park duties permitting).
Binna Burra Park Office: Monday to Friday - 7.30am to 4pm (park duties permitting).

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