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Reedy Creek

Reedy Creek

Reedy Creek, adjoining the Pacific Motorway, is a gorgeous suburb inland from the Gold Coast. With numerous facilities and attractions, Reedy Creek is a well-developed residential area and is situated close to the marvellous natural attractions on the Gold Coast.

Reedy Creek is also known as a popular residential community with many schools, colleges and numerous other facilities.

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Transportation facilities are also well developed within Reedy Creek, with frequent train and bus services. The area also offers easy access to all prime beach areas in the city. Also, enjoy the various suburban attractions within the rural community.

Shopping is also a popular activity at Reedy Creek. With the nearby shopping centres at Burleigh Heads, the community offers excellent shopping opportunities to all its visitors.

Within the inviting atmosphere, you will come across an array of fine accommodation venues. Each offers numerous guest amenities as well as an excellent range of services. Also, check out the holiday home and apartment rentals for your accommodation needs in this area.

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