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Sanctuary Cove

Sanctuary Cove

Sanctuary Cove, a beautiful gated community, is located in the outer suburbs of Hope Island on the Gold Coast. Known for its exclusive residential community, marina, resort style accommodation and housing, Sanctuary Cove is a popular suburb amongst property investors and home buyers.

Stretched over 474 hectares, Sanctuary Cove is a beautifully-designed and self-contained island with numerous public amenities.

Sanctuary Cove Accommodation, Resort & Hotel Gold Coast

Within Sanctuary Cove, there is a well-maintained shopping centre and a number of golf courses and boating marinas. With so many choices, there is no end to the list of activities that you can enjoy.

Sanctuary Cove’s residential developments continue to grow with a high demand for property by buyers and investors. Whilst boasting the first resort-style accommodation on the Gold Coast, Sanctuary Cove offers a lavish and serene setting with numerous amenities. In addition, Sanctuary Cove’s easy access to the popular northern Gold Coast region makes it a favourable community amongst home buyers and investors.

This world-class community also offers a spectacular harbour with yacht access and marina services of an international standard. Also, the town’s proximity to South Stradbroke Island and Moreton Bay allows visitors to enjoy a number of water activities; including boating, fishing and water skiing.

In addition, Sanctuary Cove also offers direct access to Broadwater and the Pacific Ocean, where a multitude of beach activities can be enjoyed.

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