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Gold Coast Flight Simulator

Jet Flight Simulator

Get the amazing experience of flying a real commercial flight by strapping yourself in and taking a ride on a jet flight simulator ride. Board the aircraft, choose your favourite destination and fly from city to city within your 30 minute simulator experience.

Come to Surfers Paradise and experience something unique and adventurous by boarding the makeshift Boeing aircraft.

Gold Coast Jet Flight Simulator Experience Deals

During your 30 minute flight simulator experience, you’ll be the pilot! There will also be a flight instructor and a real pilot sitting next to you if you need any help. You’ll be able to practice a few different techniques, take offs and landings – as if it was an actual commercial flight.

Get the real feeling of carrying 150 passengers on board and getting them to their destination on time.

Get the once-in-a-life-time experience to become a real pilot of an actual aircraft of B737-800. After you’ve practiced the challenging take off and landings, follow your pre-flight briefing and hands-on guidance carefully and get ready for this unique and adventurous experience, right here on the Gold Coast!

Visitors can pre-book the experience by clicking the links below. Don’t miss this popular and one-of-a-kind adventurous ride.

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