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5 Carry On Must-Haves When Visiting The Gold Coast

Heading towards the Gold Coast for that much-awaited and well-deserved vacation? You’re in for a lot of fun and excitement under the sun, with all the breath-taking spots and fun-filled adventures while you’re there.

But before the big day, make sure you bring these five essentials with you!

Pack and Plan Your OOTDs

Now is your chance to wear those cute outfits at the beach, so grab that opportunity and toss your short shorts, flowy sundresses, sexy cover-ups and bikinis into your bag. Since you’ll be arriving at one of the most wanted tourist spots in the world, it seems only fitting to look and feel your best, right?

Check and see your itinerary on which activities you’ll most likely enjoy and the places you’re sure to visit. That way, you can be prepared on what clothes to wear way ahead of time. Make sure not to overpack, so you won’t have to pay excess baggage!

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen!

5 Carry On Must-haves When Visiting The Gold Coast

When staying out in the sun, you’d need the best protection against those harmful rays. Without sun protection, you can be at risk for sunburns, or worse, skin cancer. Make sure to bring your favourite sunscreen for good measure, just in case you are very specific when it comes to brands.

Use one that provides broad-spectrum coverage as it can protect you from UVA and UVB Rays. Choose one that is water-resistant and has a high SPF, at least SPF 30+. Apply sunscreen generously 30 minutes before going out in the sun and reapply as instructed.

Grab Your Favourite Rash Guard

5 Carry On Must-haves When Visiting The Gold Coast

Rash guards or ‘Rashies’ are beachwear made up of stretchable materials like polyester or nylon and spandex. These were not just meant to protect wearers from sunburns but were named like so since they help protect against rashes caused by abrasions.

Rash guards come in different styles and sizes, but always try aim for Men’s and Women’s rash vests in UPF 50+. Clothing with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+ blocks 97.5% or more of UV radiation.

Put on Some Comfort Shoes

At the Gold Coast, you can go swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, hiking, whale watching, shopping, and even meet exotic animals. You can go to zoos, theme parks, sports stadiums, national parks and of course, the beautiful beaches!

With all that said, make sure to bring on some comfy shoes. Pack a cute pair of flip flops to wear while walking on the beach, good walking shoes when hiking or exploring and another for more casual events.

Take Your Camera With You!

Who wouldn’t want to snap pictures and videos while at the Gold Coast? With all the scenic spots, the stunning beaches, the exotic wildlife and fun activities here, you wouldn’t dare miss the opportunity to record this side of Australia.

Make sure your gadgets are safe since electronics, water and sand are no friends. It would be wise to get your phone/camera waterproof housing or case.

There you have it, five essentials to bring when planning a trip to the Gold Coast. Make sure not to forget these and your stay will surely be a remarkable one!

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