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Horse Riding
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Horse Riding

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Apart from the many urban attractions, the Gold Coast also houses a number of picturesque quaint towns that boast beautiful lush forests and picturesque valleys. For something different, see the Gold Coast on horseback at many of the charming countryside towns.

Set on a stunning landscape with surrounding hillsides, adjacent valleys and creeks, the horse ranches offer a number of exciting activity options for visitors to the Gold Coast. So take a horse riding tour along the many nearby trails and explore the scenic landscapes of these picturesque valleys.

Gold Coast Beach & Hinterland Horse Riding Lessons

You don’t have to be an experienced rider to partake in the various horse riding activities on offer. And you don’t have to travel far, there are a number of horse riding venues not too far from the city.

Some horse riding trails can last a full day; such tours will take you on a scenic ride across the unseen pathways to show you the best views of the surrounding landscapes and its most scenic spots. Other tours last a couple of hours, you can pick a tour that suits your schedule.

Experience something unique and spectacular when you take a horseback ride across the scenic trails of the charming hinterland. Escape to a serene countryside setting and indulge in a number of fun-filled activities with your loved ones. These horse riding adventures are a perfect daytime activity for visitors of all ages.

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