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Theme Park Transfers
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Theme Park Transfers

With the theme parks being a prime tourist attraction in Australia, the Gold Coast draw millions of visitors from all over the world each year. Ranked as the most visited tourist attraction on the Gold Coast, the theme parks are a must visit attraction for your whole family.

Whether it’s the adrenaline-pumping rides, jaw-dropping shows or the various fun activities, the Gold Coast theme parks offer you everything you need to have a fun-filled day out.

Gold Coast Theme Park Shuttle Bus & Coach Transfers

Choosing any of the shuttle, cab, taxi, bus or train transfers to get you to the various theme parks. As one of the main tourist hotspots in Queensland, the Gold Coast offers a range of airport and theme park transfers to cater to the need of visitors.

Whether you would like to take a limousine, shuttle bus, car or train, the various theme park transfer services on the Gold Coast will cater to your needs.

Pre-book your Gold Coast theme park transfers below and enjoy quick and comfortable transport to your exciting destination. You’ll also come across several specific transfer options for each theme park. So whether you’re interested in visiting Dream World, WhiteWater World or Movie World, you’ll certainly be able to find something suitable to get you there.

Reasonably priced family passes save you time and money whilst offering you a convenient way to get around the city. Make reservations online and buy shuttle passes and tickets below.


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