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Gold Coast Careers Festival
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Gold Coast Careers Festival

Each year, the Gold Coast hosts a career expo during May every year. With a focus on helping and guiding students towards a career path, the Gold Coast Careers Festival is a popular event for students.

Each year, exhibitors from all parts of Queensland come to the Gold Coast to present at this popular expo.

Gold Coast Careers Festival 2023 Dates, Workshops & Admission Prices

Through this event, several traders also promote their trade shows, mainly attracting students, employees, employers, universities, students and other support organisations.

Most of the participants come here for advice about further studies, career opportunities, special training courses and traineeship programs. There will be hands-on workshops to prepare young people for the workforce and an international student zone to provide tailored advice for overseas students.

Stallholders at this event include tertiary institutions, employment networks, corporate and vocational institutes. So the expo is perfect for those looking forward to starting a new career or simply want to get some information about a particular field.

This 2 day-long event invites all students, parents, job seekers, career advisors and successful representatives from all areas.

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