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Gold Coast Hinterland

Gold Coast Hinterland

The Gold Coast Hinterland is one of the most biologically diverse regions within Australia. With its densely forested areas, tropical rainforest and diverse native wildlife, the hinterland is an oasis for all nature lovers.

Also, the surrounding mountain ranges offer a variety of activities for all adventure seekers. Whether you like to bushwalk, hike or rock-climb, you will have plenty of choices within the breathtaking hinterland.

Gold Coast Hinterland Accommodation & Luxury Retreats

Take a trip to Mount Tamborine and enjoy beautiful views of the coastline, its surrounding townships and the bordering parklands. Enjoy some of the most spectacular views in the area by taking a scenic drive throughout the hinterland.

Hikers and walkers to this region will be happy to know that there are many well-maintained walking tracks in the area. For visitors with kids or those just looking for a nice easy stroll, there are easy tracks with beautiful scenic views. For the more adventurous hikers, there are also tracks that are a little more challenging.

There are a diverse variety of accommodation choices, ranging from basic camping grounds to a wide array of excellent resorts, lodges and holiday homes. In addition, the area boasts a surprising number of fine dining restaurants, coffee shops and bars.

Explore the region’s history and culture by visiting the local museums and galleries; including art and craft galleries showcasing a wide range of exhibits, displays and artwork. In exploring this magnificent region, you can take a self-driving tour and enjoy the stunning views of the mountain ranges; including extinct volcanoes and rainforest valleys.

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