Pan Pacific Masters Games

Pan Pacific Masters Games
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The Pan Pacific Masters Games is another sporting event that invites a number of national and international contenders to this iconic sporting event. Regarded as one of the renowned sporting festivals of the country, the Pan Pacific Masters Games is a biennial sporting festival that experiences huge participation levels every time.

You don’t need to meet any qualification standards to enter the Pan Pacs, however, the event does have a minimum age requirement for participation. Visitors interested to take part in this event can visit the official website and read through the terms & conditions before applying.

2016 Pan Pacs Gold Coast

Gear up to take part or watch this outstanding sporting event, commonly known as Pan Pacs. Held during the first week of November every two years on the Gold Coast, this awe-inspiring sporting event invites many local and international athletes to take part.

This week-long event is a major drawcard, not only in the area, but also across the state. Get ready to indulge in a fun-filled setting, boasting more than 30 different events and and nightly entertainment options.

Last time, the Pan Pacific Games experienced tens of thousands of spectators from all parts of the world. Certain events have a minimum age and include categories for both men and women, with guests 40 years of age and over can also take part in the 40+ categories.

Also enjoy the endless fun, entertainment programs, live music shows and street performances at this amazing event. In addition, you’ll find many shopping centres showcasing various local products and souvenirs, with nearby popular areas offering an array of fine dine restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs for visitors to enjoy.

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