Pan Pacific Masters Games

Pan Pacific Masters Games

The Pan Pacific Masters Games is a massive sporting event that invites a number of national and international participants to its competition.

Regarded as one of the most well renowned sporting festivals in the country, the Pan Pacific Masters Games is a biennial sporting festival that experiences huge participation levels each time it is held.

Pan Pacific Masters Games – Pan Pacs 2016 Gold Coast

You don’t need to meet any qualification standards to enter the Pan Pacs, however, the event does have a minimum age requirement for participation. Check the individual events for the minimum age requirement, as they are different depending on the event – but most events have a minimum age requirement of 30yrs.

Pan Pacific Masters Games showcases over 40 sports including; Archery, Diving, Equestrian, Golf, Squash, Swimming and Tennis. There are also a vast array of team sports such as netball, basketball, cricket, volleyball and baseball. Participants compete in their age group ensuring that the sport is played fairly, competitively and in tremendous spirit.

Held during the first week of November every two years on the Gold Coast, inspiring sporting event invites many local and international athletes to take part. This week-long event is a major drawcard, not only in the area, but also across the state.

There is also a huge list of live music and performances scheduled throughout the event which gives particpants an opportunity to mingle with other competitors and to celebrate achievements at the Pan Pacs. Previous entertainers hvae included famous Australian bands and singers including Dragon, Ian Moss, 1927, Daryl Braithwaite and The Black Sorrows.

A link to the Pan Pac 2016 schedule can be found here.

So book your tickets and accommodation today to make sure you don’t miss out on this massive event!

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