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Gold Coast Weather
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Weather Forecast

The Gold Coast has a sub-tropical climate with pleasant weather and sunshine all year round – with warm mild winters and hot sunny summers. In fact, there are close to 300 days of sunshine a year, with humidity usually experienced at the beginning of each year.

Gold Coast Today, Tomorrow & 7 Day Weather Forecast

Spring: 1 September through to 30 November
Summer: 1 December through to 28 or 29 February
Autumn: Winter: 1 June through to 31 August

Gold Coast summer weather temperatures range from around an average weather of 19 to 29 degrees.
Gold Coast winter weather temperatures range from around an average weather of 9 to 21 degrees.

Due to its sunny and subtropical climate, tourists enjoy outdoor activities during every season, as the weather forecast report is nearly always good. Typically, the daytime beach temperature in July is around 20°C, where in January the temperature goes up to 30°C.

The current weather and a 7 day forecast can be found below:



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