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The Gold Coast is truly an exciting city for visitors of any age group. With the many theme parks, water sports, beach activities, scenic tours and a myriad of annual events, the Gold Coast offers a spectacular holiday experience.

Beautifully bordered by the blue seas and lush hill ranges, this is truly a perfect vacation spot in Australia.

Bushwalking & Hinterland Walking Tours Gold Coast, Qld

In addition to the countless activities, the all-year-round sunny climate makes it a favourable destination for tourists. So whether you’re interested in outdoor adventure or thrilling activities, the Gold Coast will certainly cater to all your needs.

The Gold Coast hinterland houses many scenic bushwalking tracks where you can experience the unique scenery of the hinterland and its most attractive points.

Families can choose one of the various bushwalking tours and even have a picnic at the nearby picnic grounds near the many hiking trails. A number of bushwalking tracks include picnic grounds with lakes, BBQ areas, picnic tables and children’s play areas.

Bushwalking tracks around the Gold Coast include an array of recreational trails, wildlife parks and boardwalks. So whether you are a serious hiker, bird watcher or nature lover, there is something here that will cater to your every need.

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