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The Wax Museum

The Wax Museum

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The Wax Museum on the Gold Coast offers a unique for all members of the family. Home to newsworthy celebrities of the past and present, come and see some of your favourite Australian and international celebrities recreated in wax.

The museum features two main sections: The World in Wax and the Chamber of Horrors.

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The World in Wax exhibit features personalities that have shaped local and global history; including popular Australian personalities like Kylie Minogue and Crocodile Dundee, and historical figures such as Captain James Cook, John F. Kennedy and Albert Einstein.

There is also has a Fantasia Macabre display of mythical characters, where you can find wax representations of Count Dracula, The Thing, Frankenstein Monster, Werewolf and other strange fictional creatures.

The Chamber of Horrors features an exhibit of torture methods and devices used during different historical periods. In this section of the wax museum, you can find medieval torture instruments like the rack, Scottish maiden, the flesh tearer, breaking wheel and the chastity belt. Devices and methods used in more recent historical events are also recreated here; such as Hitler’s gas chamber and death camps.


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