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Witches Chase Cheese

Witches Chase Cheese

Visiting the Gold Coast Hinterland offers many amazing opportunities for all kinds of travellers. Most visitors are aware of the beautiful National Parks, but may not be aware that the region is a real gem when it comes to local food, particularly cheese.

Here, Witches Chase Cheese Company has built a perfect attraction for those who love to taste delicious locally made cheeses as well as try out some beers and other local produce.

Witches Chase Cheese Company & Factory Mt Tamborine

The company began its operations in 2004 after Meredith Morris and her husband Andre decided to buy the old factory on the slopes of the Tamborine Mountain. With their desire to produce great cheeses and present it with great beer, the couple slowly developed their business.

In the coming years, Witches Chase Cheese produced many award-winning kinds of cheese. Now, Witches Chase Cheese includes a Cheese Shop and ‘The Cheese Bistro’ which is a bar and grill frequented by visitors to the factory.

Anyone who travels to Witches Chase Cheese can expect a wide variety of dairy products, accompanied by beers made in an on-site brewery. Using the traditional methods of brewing, which include minimal tampering and an absence of additives, it produces beers enriched with the real flavour of the local Australian produce.

Whilst tasting the beer and cheese, visitors to the factory can relax in the stunning surroundings, which include modern facilities set against the beautiful Tamborine Mountain.

So come to Witches Chase Cheese to taste the best cheese that the Gold Coast has to offer.

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