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Kokoda Challenge

Kokoda Challenge

39 hours of over 4,000 metres of elevation, walking all weekend through the day and night in whatever weather conditions are thrown your way and pushing yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of.

The Kokoda Challenge is Australia’s toughest team endurance event and will test your physical and mental limits, proving to yourself what you’re really made of.

Kokoda Challenge 2024 Dates, Gold Coast Course Map & Event Times

The Kokoda Challenge track includes picturesque pathways across the rugged hinterland terrains of the Gold Coast. The walking tracks also run across the hinterland and its incredible rainforest areas, with some rock climbing paths.

The Kokoda Challenge is 96km in length, the distance travelled by World War II soldiers on the famous Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea. The Kokoda Challenge must be completed in 39 hours in honour of the 39th Militia, the first Australian troops to set foot on the Kokoda Track.

Each team consists of four people (and a support crew); where they trek along fire trails, creeks and summits, with the challenge aiming to finish as a complete team to honour those who completed the Kokoda Trail in 1942 with the spirit of courage, endurance and mateship.

Many experienced athletes and hikers take part in this event every year. Beginners should not that the Kokoda Challenge track will be extremely challenging for novice hikers, so advanced training is advised.

Despite the challenge, many participants come to the Gold Coast to participate and experience this unique event. With 96kms, 48km, and 30km of the Gold Coast hinterland to experience, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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