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Ephraim Island

Ephraim Island

Located towards the northern edges of the Gold Coast, the beautiful Ephraim Island is a luxury residential community known for its beautiful landscapes and numerous activity options.

As a neighbouring suburb to Paradise Point, Ephraim Island accommodation rentals offer easy access to all major tourist spots on the Gold Coast.

Ephraim Island Accommodation Rentals & Spa Gold Coast

Previously, the island was a densely forested area covered by mangroves and fern gullies, but today this area stretches over 9.6 hectares and is a popular residential community, as well as a renowned tourist destination.

Ephraim Island’s abundant waterways offer a multitude of activity choices for visitors. Those with an interest in kayaking, swimming or snorkelling will fall in love with this beautiful region.

The island mainly boasts two divisions; the southern and the northern divisions. Whilst the southern division includes a number of salt mud-lands, the northern division houses a number of beautiful buildings, a spa, marina and up to 30 individual beach houses. The marina in the northern division has a capacity of 115 berths. There are also a number of fine-dining restaurants located within Ephraim Island’s northern division.

Though residential development is abundant on Ephraim Island, there are still a number of preserved nature reserves in the area. Visitors can enjoy an array of activities such as bird watching, nature tours and picnicking; apart from the many water activities also on offer.

Whilst relaxing in the tranquil settings of Ephraim Island, enjoy a scenic walk and explore the area’s outstanding nature reserves.

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