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Greenmount is a beautiful rural community near Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. Presently, Greenmount is a well-developed community with growing tourism.

As a neighbouring town to Coolangatta, Greenmount offers its visitors easy access to the beach and parklands where visitors can enjoy a wide range of beach and hiking activities.

Greenmount Accommodation Beach Resort & Hotel, Qld

Greenmount houses a wide range of resorts across the beautiful bay area. Whilst offering you a panoramic view of the spectacular coastline, the beachside resort and hotel accommodation are perfectly positioned for all visitors. After enjoying some fun activities at the beach, come to back to your accommodation to relax and spend time with your loved ones.

The picturesque Greenmount Beach is one of a few north-facing beaches on the Gold Coast. Visitors can enjoy swimming, surfing and snorkelling at this beautiful beach. Also, take a walk across to Snapper Rocks, where you can enjoy watching whales during their peak migratory seasons.

A number of local tour operators offer special and private whale watching tours along the coastline. Visitors interested in taking a tour should check the schedules of the local tour operators and book their tours accordingly.

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