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Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a beautiful beachfront community located towards the southern corner of the Gold Coast. As one of the older communities in this region, there are many accommodation choices within Palm Beach that provide a quieter atmosphere, as opposed to the hustle and bustle of Surfers Paradise.

The types of accommodation include a caravan park, hotels, a resort as well as private holiday rentals.

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As a favourite surfing destination, Palm Beach is a very popular beachside location amongst novice and experienced surfers alike. Also, a number of picnic grounds adjacent to the beach area welcome families and couples for a pleasant day out.

Palm Beach boasts a range of beachfront homes including a number of multi-million dollar mansions. In addition, there is a diverse array of canal estates and oceanfront villas located within the suburb.

Palm Beach offers amazing shopping opportunities to all visitors. With a wide range of malls, cafes, shops and restaurants, the shopping venues are some of the most popular weekend hangout spots. Nearby shopping centres include the popular Pines Shopping Centre at Elanora, which houses an array of specialty stores, gift shops and boutiques.

Palm Beach is well connected with bus and train services. Visitors looking to commute throughout the Gold Coast can check out the regular local bus schedule for running times, with trains also available nearby.

As a picturesque beachside destination, Palm Beach offers a wide range of beautiful parklands, with picnic grounds and BBQ facilities. So come to Palm Beach with the whole family for a fun day out.

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