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Highland Park

Highland Park

Highland Park is a breathtaking locality positioned amidst the scenic hinterland on the Gold Coast. Located south of Nerang, Highland Park is a popular suburb known for its accommodation rentals and various sightseeing opportunities.

Highland Park offers easy access to various popular Gold Coast beaches which are just a few minutes away. Aside from the number of beach activities, visitors to Highland Park can enjoy the many sightseeing opportunities across the Gold Coast hinterland.

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Discover this wonderful region by taking a hiking or bushwalking tour as Highland Park boasts a number of nature reserves and lakeside parklands where visitors can hike, picnic and enjoy a number of other activities.

Shopping at Highland Park includes flea markets, weekend markets and shopping villages. Major shopping areas include; Earle Plaza, Nerang Fair and Nerang River Plaza. Specialty stores are also located in Highland Park, which includes a Woolworths for all your grocery shopping needs as well as other factory outlet stores.

In addition, these shopping centres also boast cinema complexes and children’s play areas. A number of cafes and restaurants are also located at these shopping venues.

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