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Rainbow Bay

Rainbow Bay

Renowned as one of the most beautiful beachfront areas on the Gold Coast, Rainbow Bay is a picturesque cove located amid the rocky outcrops of Snapper Rocks and the Greenmount Headland. Due to its tranquil setting, Rainbow Bay is one of the most highly visited bay areas on the Gold Coast.

As an adjacent suburb of Snapper Rocks, Rainbow Bay offers its visitors direct access to SuperBank, a world famous surfing area.

Rainbow Bay Accommodation, Apartments & Resort, Qld

Whilst in Rainbow Bay, enjoy a leisurely beach walk across the breathtaking seaside pathways whilst enjoying stunning ocean views.

The area’s accommodation boasts an array of elite apartments, hotels and prestigious resort communities across the bay area. Guests heading to this region can enjoy staying at any of these waterfront properties near the azure coastline.

Rainbow Bay also hosts many popular surfing events each year, including the Roxy Pro and Quiksilver Pro. A number of visitors and surfers from across the globe head to Rainbow Bay each year in order to participate and enjoy these surfing events.

At Rainbow Bay, you will have plenty of things to see and do. Whether you choose to explore this vibrant beachside community or the surrounding nature preserves, there is an abundance of choices. You can also get involved in a range of adventurous activities and water sports; including swimming, snorkelling, surfing and kayaking.

Rainbow Bay’s swimming beach is perfect for visitors of all ages. With sheltered coves at the patrolled beaches, Rainbow Bay is a perfect beachside haven for swimmers of all ages. Also, take a tour to the nearby rocky outcrops of Snapper Rocks and Greenmount for the ultimate rock-climbing and surfing experiences.

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